Huawei Independent packaging, white, AH100, Body fat Scale, White


Производител: HUAWEI
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Категория Accessories
Производител HUAWEI
Партиден номер: 6901443198375RR
Вид Diagnostic
Капацитет, kg Max Testing Weight: Up to 150 Kg
Точност, g Adopts high precision BIA chip, 4 pressure sensors and 360° adjustable scale feet to achieve accurate & convenient measurement.
LCD дисплей Display the body weight & fat percentage of auto-recognised users on scale, you can view it without even taking out your smartphone.
Автоматично включване/изключване yes
Други функции 9 Body Compositions in 1 Detection: Weight, Body Fat %, BMI, Muscle Mass, Body Water %, Bone Mass, Protein, Visceral Fat, BMR
Материал Tempered glass panel
Цвят Pure white appearance, CNC grinding & polishing. Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 18.7 mm
Други Records body compositions & displays their changes in various charts; Supports auto-recognition of up to 10 users & easy sharing to mainstream social media. Compatible with mainstream Android & iOS devices.