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Samsung Tab S7+/Tab S7 FE (12.4″) Book Cover Keyboard Slim Black

Производител: SAMSUNG
Наличност: с поръчка

SCU: EF-DT730UBEGEU Категория: Етикет:



Категория Accessories
Производител SAMSUNG
Партиден номер: EF-DT730UBEGEU
Предназначен заТаблети
Тип на свързванеBluetooth – Connect to up to 3 devices with wireless keyboard sharing. Using Bluetooth, the keyboard can type on your phone or another tablet, while remaining connected to your tablet as a dedicated device
БДС кирилизация-
Размери (Ш, Д, В), mm286 x 197 x 13 mm
ДругиFor Galaxy Tab S7+, Galaxy Tab S7 FE; Infused with an antimicrobial coating, the Book Cover Keyboard Slim blocks microbial growth to help protect against 99% of bacteria. So you can worry less about germs while you're working and playing